Reply from the guy who wanted to use my picture for free.

Thanks for the email Pete – superbly written! I totally understand where you are coming from, my profession is as a Graphic Designer and I work a fair bit with photographers and more recently with photo libraries such as Istock. I am daily asking colleagues (not designers) where they have sourced a photo or graphic from – and the answer is always just off the web! Too many people see any image on the web as fair game. I am very appreciative of your offer to let me use your fantastic photo – and of course you can have a tshirt from the small run I am (now) going to get printed. … Please let me know your address to send the tshirt (will have the band name and dates on it like the twitter image) and also let me know if ‘photo courtesy of Pete Sherrard’ or your web address (or both) would be your preferred credit.

Thanks once again for letting me use your photo – and if you were in Brighton 7/8 or 9 Sept (long shot I know) I’d happily buy you a beer or two as well to say thanks 🙂

Best regards,
* really loved the cake analogy…

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